Hey folks, just a quick one. I recently ran into the situation that I had to deploy the Microsoft Store app to Windows 10 devices from which it was previously removed during OSD. The devices are modern managed via Intune so I thought it would be easy to deploy it as Microsoft Store for Business app but unfortunately, I couldn’t find the app in the store.


I googled around a bit and was able to find the name (microsoft-store) and the ID (9wzdncrfjbmp) of the app in the store, so I just browsed to an app in the store and replaced the name and the id in the URL:

There was the Microsoft Store app in the business store, and I could add it to the private store of the company (Online or Offline). I choose offline to avoid any potential problems by installing a store app from the store without having the store installed. I went back to Intune and after a sync from the Business Store the app appeared, and I was able to deploy it successfully to the devices.